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My name is lyton Mac from and today we are going to be doing another bathroom product review and in particular we are going to be looking at the Pura Bathroom Levo Basin Mixer Tap. So if you are a plumber this is basically going to be about what you can expect in the box, just to let you know what the experience might be if you are fitting this particular tap.  If you are a customer or end user agin this is going to give you an insight into this particular type of tap.  There are many taps on the market today and its quite mind boggling as to which one to go for so we are going to be loping to do in this review is just give you some information about the tap talk about the price, talk about the guarantee, take about the functionality, talk about the materials so that it will help you to make a decision when you are looking at your next bathroom tap.  So as I said it the Pura Bathrooms Levo Basin Mixer Tap and before looking at this particular tap its important to mention or worthwhile giving a mention to the fact that there are other products within the range you can actually get a combination bath mixer or even a shower valve a thermostatic valve to go with this particular tap. So lets have a look in the box then, first thing to note is that you get some paper work that comes with it. Then you get some tails for connecting to the tap and as you can see they are colour coded you have got the blue for the cold water and you've got the red for the hot water.  Whats useful to note is that Pura give you some tools and I thing that's pretty good actually they give you a box spanner to tighten the nuts up. If you are a plumber I guess your going to have one of these anyway but if your not its useful and its something that you can actually use again so you can put it in your tool box and use it on your next job.
Also quite a nice surprise and thats included it this particular clicker waste, look at that with a chrome nut a chrome plated nut and I thing thats really good value for money. You don't get that with all basin mixer taps, instead you having to go out and spend more money, you sometimes spend up to £25 buying a clicker waste but Pura Bathrooms have given you this one included so I that's really great value for money, thanks Pura.  Then you get a bag of fixings, then you get a bag of spare parts that come with it, an allen key basically and some O rings.
Now for looking at the tap itself which I think its well, I'll let you judge, this is it.  What you might not be able to  appreciate from the video is that this tap is really well made from the point of view its really weighty and that's because its actually constructed from solid brass on the inside and chrome on the outside, don't know if you can appreciate from the camera but it's really glistering, its really shiny, its really good quality chrome that they have used to make this particularly tap you will notice on the top of the tap that there are colour codings for the hot and for the cold and obviously if you want a mixture of water you lift it in the middle if you just want to one side and if you want hot you put it to the other side.
A word of caution and note for the installers of this particular tap, please try not to drop this tap on the basin or in the bath because the bath or the basin will come out worse for wear as this is a really steady tap, weighs a ton and it demonstrates its quality. So that's basically the tap in question, obviously that's where you connect the pipe fittings on either side and its got the Pura Bathrooms, you might not be able to see that but it's got the Pura Bathrooms  logo on the back of the tap. Not sure if that's really useful because once that installed your not really going to see it.
You may not be aware but your bathroom tap is probably most used item within the bathroom so its really worthwhile investing in a quality rather than just getting any old cheap tap I would recommend getting something that's really sturdy.  So this particular tap is backed up by Pura Bathrooms 10 Year, 10 year warranty, it demonstrates the fact that this tap is going to last a very long time in your bathroom.
So basically what you get with this tap, you get a 10 year manufactures warrantee you also get a tap that will work on all UK plumbing systems, not all taps will but this one will. Whether you have a low pressure system at .2 bar or whether you have a high pressure system unto 3 bar this tap will perform so whether you have a low, medium or high this Pura tap is going to perform on all plumbing installations so that's really key and really a bonus. In terms of if I was to mark this particular tap out of 10 I would actually give a 9, why? because its a solid brass construction so its not going to deteriorate, some taps are made up of cast brass or from ABS but this is actually a solid brass tap and you can feel that because its really heavy.
So once again I'm Lyton Mac for thanks for watching and if you have any feedback or comments or questions please feel free to comment at the end of this video on the links and also visit our website if you want to see this tap. Forgot to tell you but the price of this particular tap its not £150, its not even £120 you actually get this particular tap for £80.

ClearGreen bath shower screen Review
The Clear Green Shower bath screen is one of the best shower screens on the market today. It is made from high quality products including safety glass that conforms to BS EN 12150 - 12000 (glass in building).
A key feature is the Easy Clean technology that resists stains & deposits due to the fact that the 3M solution within the glass makes it difficult for any such deposits to stick.
Another key feature of this bathroom product is that it comes with a 10 year
Manufactures Guarantee from Clear Green Baths when fitted in accordance to their instructions.
This bath screen is really easy to fit once you have all the right tools and follow the instructions.  We have managed to fit this bath shower screen in 30 minutes. Having two people to fit this shower screen is a good idea because the 6mm glass if quite heavy to manage by one person.
A useful aspect of the installation is that there are a total of six fixing holes should you need it; we used four and got a really secure and good fixing with the screws that were provided.
If you fit this bath screen correctly it should not leak unlike some of the cheaper alternatives that are out there in the market.
This bath screen is compatible with any straight bath that is designed to be used with a shower screen so you don’t have to use a cleargreen bath although we also recommend their baths due to the extra reinforcement that comes as standard.
This bath screen is reversible and can pivot fully outwards or inwards to aid cleaning or just to move out of the way for any other reason.
The screen comes with a silicone rubber shower screen seal that fits very securely so that you don’t end up with any leak from the underside.
We are happy to recommend this shower screen because it is well priced @ £130 for the quality, is easy to fit and comes with a 10 manufactures Guarantee from Cleargreen baths.
You can purchase this screen from or from our bathroom showroom @ 13 – 15 London Road, Hackbridge, Surrey, SM6 7HW
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