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In today's modern and fast paste of life, most people prefer to take a shower as it is quicker and more refreshing. There is a general view that taking a shower uses less water & also energy than having a bath.  This can be true depending on how long you stay in the shower, how hot the water is and what type of shower you have. Research suggests that an eight-minute shower uses 62 liters of hot water compared with a average bath which uses 80 liters.
So deciding which shower to go for depends on what is important to you. Here on Bathroom And, you will find a great range of thermostatic showers that offer great style, power (depending on your plumbing installation) as well as affordability. These types of shower valves use the stored hot water so you don’t need to use any additional energy to hot the water.
If you don’t have decent water pressure you may need to consider adding a shower or whole house pump or going for an electric shower.
If you are still unsure what shower to go for give us a call or send an email with your details and we will get in touch.